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“Mr. Ravichandran has golden hands”: In this short formula, a patient who was healed by the support of Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND), expresses her experience. No wonder, in his personality he combines deep knowledge and decades of practical experience with a great warmth in a unique way.

Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND)

Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) has gained large expertise in original Ayurveda diagnoses, treatments and yoga practice. He fulfilled his studies for the Medical Doctor of Alternative Medicine in India. In addition to his traditional training, he is a qualified medical practitioner, licensed homeopath and a member of the Medical Association Nature Switzerland (NVS). He is recognized by the Swiss health insurance (EMR and ASCA). Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) combines traditional, in Sri Lanka and India acquired expertise with his experience of Western Alternative Medicine. Thus he can cater perfectly for the needs of people in Central Europe.

  • Swiss Certified Naturopath Ayurveda Medicine
  • Ayurvedic physician M.D. (A.M.)
  • Homeopathy
  • Member NVS, EMR, ASCA
  • Recognition of Swiss health insurance companies

family tradition

Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) comes from an old Ayurvedic family in Sri Lanka, which practices Ayurveda already in its fifth generation.


On the far left, Dr. V. Chellandurai, Ayurvedic doctor and lecturer, expert in research of tropical flora and fauna, here in cooperation with the well known ornithologist Prof. Dr. Salim (middle) and a group of students in 1984 in India

Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) (left) has started in his early childhood to collect and grow herbs for ayurvedic treatments under the strict advise of his uncle, mother and grandmother. Here together with his father Thangarasa (right) on his 15. Birthday in 1971 in Sri Lanka

Dr. V. Chellandurai (uncle of Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) )practises, researches and teaches Ayurveda since over 49 years in India. He wrote several articles as well as textbooks and is still active as an ayurvedic doctor as well as in teaching the knowledge of Ayurveda.

Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) together with his grandmother in Summer 2015 in Sri Lanka. The now 107 years old ayurvedic doctor has practised, studied and taught Ayurveda in India and Sri Lanka her life long.


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