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The Shakti Vani Ayu diagnosis and treatment rooms in Reinach, near Basel is our European entrance gate to walk you into the world of Ayurveda. A world of power, of happiness and health.

In the pleasant atmosphere of the medical office, Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) treats you personally, 23 based on your individual diagnose. His work is based on millennia old Ayurveda knowledge and methods, it focuses on the causes and supports your health strongly. If you want to claim further treatment in our Ayurveda Resort in Sri Lanka, such as the classical Panchakarma treatment, we offer to prepare yourself for the trip here, in Reinach, and we will accompany you even after your return. This way, you will be able to integrate well what has been achieved during the treatment into your everyday life. And thus, to preserve strength, happiness and health in the long run.


Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) also has studied the Western alternative medicine. His focus is placed on the classical homeopathy and he has developed his knowledge and skills further. The holistic approach in the homeopathic therapies and counselling is justified by the viewing the patient as a whole. Each event and the subsequent reactions are of physical, mental or emotional nature, which has to be considered together. The classic Homeopathy is a proven medicine and has been used successfully, especially in chronic diseases and in the constitutional treatment, yet also for acute illnesses. As in Ayurveda, in the philosophy of homeopathy, illness is interpreted as an imbalance of life forces. This can have many causes, such as stress, mental stress, genetic predisposition and many more. Chronic symptoms are rarely cured by a single doctor visit. Just as the chronic disease needs its time to arise, the healing process takes time. At your request or if your diagnose indicates, you are also advised and treated homoeopathically by Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND).

Diagnosis and treatment rooms in Reinach near Basel

Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) is an Ayurvedic physician and naturopath. All treatments and consultations settled in Switzerland may be covered by supplementary health insurance. Dr. Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.) (IND) is a member of the Association of European Ayurveda Practitioners and Therapists (VEAT), of Nature Medical Association Switzerland (NVS), the Experience Medical Register (EMR) and the Swiss Foundation for Complementary.

Shakti Vani Ayu

Praxis für Ayurveda

Diagnosis, therapy and counselling
Thangarasa Ravichandran M.D. (A.M.)
Hauptstrasse 36
CH - 4153 Reinach

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Welcome to the recently opened Shakti Vani Ayu Ayurveda resort!

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Next to oil therapies, massages as well as baths and cleaning procedures, Ayurveda is also effective in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.


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